Welcome to Crosserville

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With our Grid Builder tool you can:

  • Create grids
    • Specify your layout or import an Across Lite puz file
    • Add rebuses, circles, and shaded squares to your grids
  • Search for fill
    • Find fill for the whole grid or just show options for a particular slot
    • Set filters based on word score or as an include or exclude word list
    • Specify filters at the grid or slot level
    • Find potential dupes
  • Manage word lists
    • Use our default, 150,000+ word list or import your own
    • Add, exclude, or modify words from within the app
    • Search word lists using regular expressions
  • Edit clues
    • Find example clues in our integrated clue database
  • Export and share your puzzles
    • Export puzzles as puz files, PDFs, or as a NY Times submission
    • Export partially completed grids to facilitate collaborations

Want to give it a try? Click on the icon in the top bar (show me where) to open the Grid Builder tool.

Need some help? Watch our tutorial video.